Take yourself back in time, with this vintage-inspired Antique Ice Necklace. Allie uses Potomax Ava, Potomax Eva, Potomac Crystal Briolette 6x12mm, Potomac Crystal Bicone 4mm, Miyuki Seed Bead 11/0, and a Claspgarten clasp to finish. Be inspired to create something new and beautiful!

The Designer's suggested colors and materials:

●Potomax Metal AVA® Beads - Antique Silver, 10 Pieces
●Potomax Metal EVA® Beads- Antique Silver, 8 Pieces
●Potomac Crystal Briolette 6x12mm - Crystal, 7 Pieces
●Potomac Crystal Bicone 4mm - Crystal, 90 Pieces
●Miyuki Seed Bead 11/0 - Crystal Labrador Full, ~ 3 Grams
●Claspgarten - Looped Crystal Oval, 1 Piece