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Ahoy Interchangeable Tassel Pendant Tutorial

Potomac Crystal Round Beads - Crystal Labrador 3mm
5.99 5.99 USD 5.99 In Stock
Potomac Crystal Round 3mm machine cut faceted Round shape high-quality crystal beads, uniquely manufactured for Potomac Bead Company, in size 3mm. Coated in the Czech Republic.

Find dozens of free tutorials using Potomac Crystal Round 3mm on, and hundreds of more Potomac Crystal Round 3mm in Setting beading patterns from various designers around the world.

Create fun and unique designs, or couple with the Potomac Crystal Round 3mm in Setting for even more fun! Sold by the pack of 200.
EVA Beads - Jet
5.99 5.99 USD 5.99 In Stock
EVA Beads Jet
Potomax Halo Beads 2-Hole Antique Silver (10 pack)
5.99 5.99 USD 5.99 In Stock
Antique Silver zamak metal 2-hole Halo beads are crafted by and manufactured exclusively for Potomac Beads in Greece.
This exclusive zamak (high quality zinc alloy) metal shape is designed to quickly and easily bezel around 6mm size beads, with a 6.2mm opening. Extra space has been added on the inside to allow for the variability of 6mm sizes. The 2-hole version of the Halo bead will fit around the RounTrio, DiscDuo, Honeycomb, 6mm 2-hole Cabochon, Mini Silky, Kheops, Kos, Ios, Brick, Bar, Lentil, and a variety of other bead shapes with 2 holes. This curved metal bead shape can be used to create a wide variety of bead weaving, stringing, and other jewelry-making projects, providing the opportunity to mix multi-hole, uniquely designed metals with colorful beads for more creative options.

Zamak is a nickel-free zinc alloy which is harder and stronger than silver. In addition to Antique Silver, Halo Beads are available in Antique Copper, Antique Brass, Gold, Rose Gold, and Gunmetal.

6.5x3.5mm (6.2mm Opening)
Sold per pack of 10 or per pack of 50

Halo beads are used in the following Potomac Beads pattern available in our Etsy shop or at Lunar Pendant
Miyuki Seed Beads - Duracoat Galvanized Gold 15/0
3.99 3.99 USD 4.99 (20% OFF) In Stock
Miyuki Seed Beads DC Galv Gold 15/0
Miyuki Seed Beads - Silver Labrador Full 11/0
7.99 7.99 USD 9.99 (20% OFF) In Stock
Miyuki Seed BeadCrystal Labrador Fu
DiscDuo - Jet (Tube of ~50) 6mm
2.99 2.99 USD 2.99 Out of Stock
DiscDuo Jet (Tube of 50) 6mm
Nickel Plated Popcorn Chain
0.85 0.85 USD 0.85 In Stock
NP Popcorn Chain

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