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Products exclusively manufactured by/for Potomac Bead Company stores and PBC wholesale customers.
  • AVA® Beads®

    Czech glass AVA® 3-hole round shaped angled glass beads, 10x4mm
  • Cup Buttons

    Potomac Bead Company's exclusive pressed Cup Button Beads make fantastic closures or caps for nearly any project!
    Size 14mm
    Packs of 5, 30, or 100 buttons. Mix packs of 10 and 30 also available.
  • DiscDuo® Beads

    Potomac Bead Company's exclusive DiscDuo® beads feature two holes and offer a wide variety of stringing and bead weaving design options. Many colors available.
    Size: 6mm
    Tubes of approx 50 beads, factory packs of 300 beads.
  • Potomac Crystal Buttons

    Potomac Crystal Faceted Machine Cut Buttons
  • Potomac Crystal Rivoli

    Crystal rivoli beads from Potomac Bead Company's "Potomac Crystal" in size 10mm & 14mm, made to be used as gorgeous and brilliant centerpieces, pendants, beadweaving projects,and more.
    Packs of 2, Packs of 5, Packs of 10, Packs of 25, & Packs of 50 -- Varies by size.
  • Potomac Crystal Rondelles 2x3mm

    Rondelle crystal beads Potomac Crystal, uniquely manufactured for Potomac Bead Company, in small size 2x3mm.
    57 beads per 6 inch strand
  • Potomac Crystal Rondelles 3x4mm

    Rondelle shape 3x4mm high quality crystal beads Potomac Crystal, uniquely manufactured for Potomac Bead Company and coated in the Czech Republic
    Approximately 100 beads per tube
  • Potomac Crystal Round 4mm

    Round shape high quality crystal beads (Potomac Crystal), uniquely manufactured for Potomac Bead Company, in size 4mm. Coated in the Czech Republic.
    Approximately 100 beads per tube.
  • RounDuo® Beads

    Potomac Bead Company's exclusive RounDuo® (Two Hole Pressed Round Beads) 5mm, sold in Packs of ~75 beads and factory packs of 1/2 mass (600 beads).  These amazing beads are so much fun to play with, and offer an incredible range to bead weaving and stringing designs that were never possible with single hole round beads!
  • RounTrio® (Faceted) Beads

    Czech glass faceted fire polished RounTrio 3-hole round shape glass beads, 6mm
  • RounTrio® Beads

    Czech glass RounTrio 3-hole round shape glass beads, 6mm
  • Shirts

    Potomac Bead Company Shirts
  • PDF Patterns (Potomac Bead Exclusive Projects)

    Each of these patterns are designed created by Potomac Bead Company staff or associates.  For those who prefer to follow printed instructions (rather than video tutorials), these diagrammed patterns allow you to easily purchase, download, and print patterns for your personal use,... making some of Potomac Bead Company's favorite jewelry designs.  Patterns will be available for download when your order is ready to ship.
  • Italian Chain

    High quality Italian chain from Potomac Bead Company (made in Italy) with sterling silver, vintage brass, and gold brass finishes.
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