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Totem Bar Earrings Tutorial




Learn to create the Totem Bar Earrings using the Potomac 2 hole Bar bead collection.  Create an edgy look using a metal large hole washer to brick stitch around and then add 2 hole bars to the outer beads for a unique beaded earring.  


1. Cut a 4 foot piece of size 6 DragonThread and add on a size 10 beading needle.  Knot the end of the thread onto the metal washer and add  eleven 11/0 Miyuki Seed beads onto the outside of the washer using brick stitch,  


2. Watch the Totem Bar Earring video to get the step by step instructions to add on the bar beads in two different methods and sew the components together.  


3. After finishing the two lower components, add on a 3rd washer with the help of more brick stitch and then add a wire guard to the top of your totem bar earrings.  Create a second one to make a matching pair and place them on earwires.  Wear your Totem Bar Earrings to get compliments on your design.  


This video project tutorial features 2 hole bar beads using an conjunction with metal washer beads using brick stitch and a unique method to attach the bars.  Watch the video to see the options to wear these earrings at different lengths and change up the color and number of 2 hole bars or washers used.  Once you make one pair of these long stylish earrings you will make another.