Be on the lookout for glimpses of the largest planet in our solar system. Coming to you in a flash is the Tears of Jupiter Pendant by designer Marissa Vallejo. You'll feel the heat of the sun through warm-colored Potomac Crystal Drops and Round Beads, which is by no mistake considering if you stood on the planet itself, you would only be the fifth planet away from the hottest star in the galaxy. Gather up all your materials to design a pendant that is out of this world!!


The Designer’s suggested colors and materials: ●Potomac Crystal Drops 6x8mm - Topaz AB ,11 pieces ●Potomac Crystal Rounds 2mm - Topaz AB, 24 pieces ●Endless Circle - 30mm Antique Brass, 1 piece ●Miyuki Seed Beads 11/0 - Chocolate Bronze, ~1 gram ●Miyuki Seed Beads8/0 - Galvanized Matte Sea Foam, ~1gram ●Wire Guard -1 piece ●Chain,~18 inches ●Jump Rings, 2 pieces ●Clasp, 1 piece ●Head pin (for dangle, optional), 1 piece ●Extender chain (optional), 1 piece