StormDuo Factory Packs

As one of Potomac Bead’s latest exclusives, the StormDuo bead is a highly popular two-holed Czech glass bead. Its appearance and name inspired by the “eye of the storm”, the StormDuo bead features a unique “S” shape, with flat surfaces on the top and bottom. This exclusive bead couples well with many beads, and it’s unique curvature allows for endless beadweaving design possibilities. This versatile bead can be used in many ways and in many projects such as beadweaving, bridal jewelry, christmas décor, bead embroidery, and more. Adding to its versatility, the StormDuo is available in a multitude of colors, from solid opaques, metallics, matte metallics, lusters, etched, AB, and more.

●Size: 7mm x 3mm  
●Shape: S   ●Country of Origin: Czech Republic   ●Material: Pressed Glass   ●Sold By: Factory Pack ~600beads/bag