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Cha Cha Necklace & Bracelet Set Tutorial



Learn simple tips and tricks to make some jewelry with a little bit of dangle in this PotomacBeads Cha Cha Necklace & Bracelet set tutorial. Gather up a wire cutter, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers and a marker and paper to help measure and keep the loops consistent in size. Begin with a bunch of head pins. Put a mermaid glass bead onto a head pin. Use the pliers to bend the wire into a loop above the bead. Cut of the wire where it crosses over. Measure the cut piece on the paper. Use this measurement to cut the head pins to size. Watch the Cha Cha Necklace & Bracelet set tutorial to see how you can use the charms you’ve made to create your piece of jewelry. Making jewelry can be fun and easy with this method that uses up extra materials you may have on hand. The Cha Cha necklace and bracelet set is a great way to show off your style when you use your favorite beads.

Potomac Crystal Rondelle Beads - Light Rose AB 1.5x2mm
7.99 7.99 USD 7.99 In Stock
Potomac Crystal Rondelle 1.5x2mm high quality crystal beads Potomac Crystal, uniquely manufactured for Potomac Bead Company and coated in the Czech Republic

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