CzechMates 2-hole Brick

Czechmates’ 2-Hole Brick beads, made of pressed glass in the Czech Republic, are a great addition to the 2-hole bead collection. They are half the size of 2-Hole Tiles, 6mm long and 3mm wide, and are rectangular in shape. Their basic shape makes them great as a building block and easy to stack and arrange for beautiful designs. They are sold by 9 gram tubes that hold approximately 75 beads and are available in over 30 gorgeous Czech colors, finishes and coatings. You will love working with the 2-Hole Bricks and will find that they pair seamlessly with other Czechmate products. Check them out for yourself and discover what creative designs you can produce!

●Size: 3mm x 6mm  
●Shape: Rectangle  ●Country of Origin: Czech Republic  ●Material: Pressed Glass  ●Sold By: ~9g Tube (~75beads/tube)

2-Hole Brick Beads - Halo Ultramarine
8.29 8.290000000000001 USD 8.29 In Stock
2-Hole Brick Beads - Halo Cardinal
8.29 8.290000000000001 USD 8.29 In Stock
2-Hole Brick Beads - Dark Bronze
8.29 8.290000000000001 USD 8.29 In Stock

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