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      PotomacBeads carries a vast array of premium seed bead brands.  Explore traditional seed beads and dozens of other shapes including Tila beads, bugles, cubes, drops, and more.  The name "seed beads" traditionally refers to "little beads," but today seed beads are the most common term for the rocaille shape.  Indulge in the world's best seed beads and create incredible jewelry designs.

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      You can find thousands of different colors for your design pallet across these premium seed bead brands! Seed beads come in 4 common sizes -- sizes get smaller as the number gets larger.  Rocailles are the name of the traditional seed bead shape.  Size 6/0 rocailles are the largest commonly used size (4mm) and size 15/0 are the smallest (1.5mm).  Size 11/0 (2.2mm) is used most often in jewelry-making patterns & projects.

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      Miyuki Tila - Jet AB
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