Rose petal beads are lovely and feature beautiful textures and features that only add to their beauty and uniqueness. The top side of the petal bead presents a triangular shape that curves inward, while the back or bottom of the bead curves outward. The indentations and uneven surface gives the Rose Petal beads a more realistic look and adds depth to the bead. Rose Petals are available in two sizes, 7mm x 8mm and 13mm x 14mm and the bead features one hole that goes through the top of the bead. Rose petals are beautiful as a stand alone bead in a simple set of earrings, or as a lovely touch to intricate beadweaving projects. They are made of Czech pressed glass and are available in a number of great colors and finishes. Check them out for yourself and see what beautiful floral piece of jewerly you can create!

●Size: 7mm x 8mm and 13mm x 14mm  
●Shape: Petal  ●Country of Origin: Czech Republic   ●Material: Pressed Glass  ●Sold By: 7mm x 8mm sold by ~9g Tube (~50 beads/tube) / 13mm x 14mm sold by packs of 15