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Pearl Flower Bracelet Tutorial




Learn how to use a Right Angle Weave to create a floral patterned pearl bracelet in this PotomacBeads tutorial. The Pearl Flower Bracelet is a great project for beaders to learn and practice right angle weave stitching.

1. Put a size 11 or 12 beading needle onto about 5 feet of size 6 DragonThread. Add a stop bead to the end of the thread, leaving a short tail. Pick up a Czech round, an 11/0 seed bead (color A), a Potomac pearl, another seed bead (color B) and a Potomac crystal bicone. Reverse the order and add a color B seed bead, a Potomac pearl and a color A seed bead. Bring the needle back up the Czech round bead to create a box, the first Right Angle Weave Unit.


2. Watch the Pearl Flower Bracelet tutorial to follow along with Allie as she teaches you step-by-step how to create the beaded bracelet pattern in this multi-row beading project.

3. When you get to the end of row 2 of the project, pick up three 11/0 seed beads and sew through a Potomax round push clasp. Bring the needle back down through the third seed bead, add 2 more seed beads and sew into the bracelet. Reinforce the loop. Continue the pattern of Czech round beads, Potomac pearls and 11/0 seed beads to create the 3rd row of the bracelet. Add the tongue of the clasp on the other end of the project and glue a Potomac crystal rivoli into the push clasp.

You can use the pattern of the Pearl Flower Bracelet with different sizes of beads and colors to create handmade jewelry unique to you. Have fun beading your very own beautiful bracelet.