Warmth, Light, and Sunshine. The Marigold Pendant captures all of this! Designer Allie uses Candy Beads 8mm, Nib-bit, Potomac Crystal Rounds 2mm, and Miyuki Seed Beads 8/0, 11/0, and 15/0 to surround a Potomac Crystal Fancy Stone 27mm to create this bold piece. Gather your materials and get your bead on!

The Designer's suggested colors and materials:

●Candy Bead 8mm - Orange Opaque, 9 Beads
●Nib-Bit - Jet Bronze, 9 Beads
●Potomac Crystal Fancy Stone 27mm - Crystal AB, 1 Piece
●Miyuki Seed Bead 8/0 - Duracoat Galvanized Gold, ~ 1 Gram
●Miyuki Seed Bead 11/0 - Duracoat Silver Lined Topaz, ~ 1 Gram
●Potomac Crystal Round 2mm - Apricot AB, ~ 33 Beads
●Miyuki Seed Bead 15/0 - Duracoat Galvanized Champagne, ~ 1 Gram