Allie revisits a complex and intricate pattern with the Flat Chenille Stitch Bracelet. This beauty features Miyuki Seed Beads in 8/0 and 11/0 and a 3 Strand Claspgarten Clasp. This stunner will test your skills and boost your confidence both in making and wearing it. Gather your materials and come create with us!
Stitches used: ● Flat Chenille Stitch

The Designer’s suggested colors and materials for ~7.5-inch (19cm) wrist:

Miyuki Seed Beads 8/0 - Labrador Full, ~10 Grams

Miyuki Seed Beads 11/0 - Duracoat Galvanized Gold, ~2 Grams

Claspgarten Rectangle Waves Silver Plated 3 Strand, 1 Piece