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Firm Foundation Bracelet Tutorial



EXPLORE MORE ABOUT THE firm foundation bracelet

The Firm Foundation Bracelet is a work of art combining 4 specialty beads including RounDuos, DiscDuos, SuperDuos, and O beads. Marissa perfectly executes the design and teaches you how! 


1. Thread a needle with 5 feet of DragonThread and place a stop bead on your thread.  Add on to your thread 4 beads of each of the following, Color A, B, C, B, A. 


2. Start your third row of peyote stitches by changing the direction of the needle and sewing back toward the stop bead.  Each time you sew through a bead make sure you already have another bead on the needle.  Confused?  Watch the Peyote Hoop Earring video to easily see that pattern and stitch details.  


3. After completing your 10 rows of the peyote stitch, zip the 1st and 10th rows together into a tube shape formed around the 40mm endless ring.  Attach an ear wire and wear your new design! 


The new technique you learn while watching the Peyote Hoop Earring video will lead to amazing creativity and ideas.  Increase the rows of the peyote stitch to change the tube diameter, or use memory wire to create larger or smaller hoops.  The possibilities with this stitch are endless.