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Dropping Blossom Earrings Tutorial

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In this PotomacBeads Tutorial, learn how to bezel set a rounduo bead in this charming dropping blossom earrings floral design by Rita Ritkes 

  1. Put about 3 feet of thread onto a size 10 or 12 needle. String on 6 rounded DropDuos by the smaller hole at the top separated by 6 seed beads. Tie them into a loop. Leave a little bit of thread to tie off your project at the end. Add 2 of the smaller DropDuos in between each of the larger rounded duos.

  2. Go around the project to decorate the outside with the gold seed beads. If you want to keep your earrings with more simple look you can leave the outside as is. When you get to the top add a silver seed beads and add the wire guard to it, give the thread a pull to keep the wire guard tight along the earring.

  3. Bring your thread back to the middle to add the RounDuo. Use the gold seed beads around the RounDuo to give it a bezelled look. Watch Allie in the Dropping Blossom earring tutorial to see detailed step-by-step directions.

This is a fun and easy project that makes a great gift for a friend…or for yourself! These adorable Dropping Blossom Earrings are so cute and simple to make, and they’re perfect for spring.

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