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Disc Dial Earrings Tutorial

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Disc dial earrings are a stylish and unique way to accessorize any outfit. To make these earrings, only a few materials are needed, and the design is simple yet elegant. So grab your favorite beads and give this project a try! 

  1. Gather up your MiniDuo beads, DiscDuos, Miyuki seed beads and earwires and guards. You will need about 4 feet of thread to complete the pair of earrings. A size 10 needle works best. You may also want to have a thread burner and some pliers handy. A beading mat will keep you organized.

  2. Start in the middle by picking up the DiscDuo and 2 miniduos. Watch Allie in the Disc Dial Earring tutorial and she will lead you through the steps to make these disc earrings. 

  3. Burn down the thread ends when you are finished to keep a polished look. Add the earwire. 

Disc Dial earrings are so much fun to wear! They are easy to try new designs and colors with, and they look great with any outfit. They make a great gift, too - if you need something quick and easy to make, these earrings are perfect.