Czech Glass Beads

Czech Pressed Glass Beads

Czech Glass 1-hole, 2-hole, 3-hole, 4-hole & other beads.  Whether pressed, faceted (fire polished), or table cut, the team at PotomacBeads hand selects some of the most popular Czech beads ever produced.  Not only can you find a wide range of Czech beads in hundreds of shapes and sizes, we also stock a consistent assortment of colors that you love. 

The PotomacBeads team also designs a range of products produced in the Czech Republic, including shapes known across the bead world (AVA Beads, DiscDuo, IrisDuo, RounDuo, RounTrio, StormDuo, Quadbow, PieDuo, & more).  Each year we create new shapes, and rescue old molds to bring the best beads back again for a new generation. 

Shop premium Czech glass beads for eye-catching and unique handmade pieces. Browse through our massive selection of Czech glass beds for stunning creations.

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