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Miyuki Seed Beads - Dyed Butter Cream Silver Lined Alabaster 11/0
3.19 3.19 USD 3.99 (20% OFF) In Stock
Miyuki Seed BeadDyed Butter Cream S
Miyuki Seed Beads - Matte Black 11/0
2.79 2.79 USD 3.49 (20% OFF) In Stock
Miyuki Seed BeadMatte Black 11/0
Miyuki Seed Beads - Silver Lined Gold AB 11/0
3.19 3.19 USD 3.99 (20% OFF) In Stock
Miyuki Seed BeadSilver Lined Gold AB 11/0
DiscDuo - Sunflower Yellow 6mm
6.99 6.99 USD 6.99 In Stock
Another Potomac Bead exclusive, the DiscDuo® bead is widely popular among beadweavers and jewelry makers. The DiscDuo® is machine pressed with durable Czech glass and features a disc shape with curved edges, giving it a candy-like look. It contains two holes which offers a wide variety of stringing and bead weaving design options. With its sleek shape and versatility, you are guaranteed to love working with DiscDuo® Beads. Like many Potomac Bead exclusives, the DiscDuo® comes in many colors, finishes, and coatings.Crafted by our artists in the Czech Republic, this exclusive pie shape couples beautifully with crystals, pearls, seed beads, and more.

Find dozens of free tutorials using DiscDuo® Beads on, and hundreds of more DiscDuo® beading patterns from various designers around the world.

Create fun and unique designs , or couple with the DiscDuo® Beads for even more fun!. Sold by ~7g Tubes (~50 beads/tube) or ~50g Factory Packs (~300 beads/pack).
Cup Buttons - Jet Picasso (5 pack)
2.99 2.99 USD 2.99 Out of Stock
Cup Buttons - Jet Picasso (5 pack)

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