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Potomac Bead Company traces its origins back to the 1980's, when a young Allie Baumler (Buchman) spent her summers at the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey, crafting jewelry with her parents & cousins. With each new craft, Allie would learn to make something new and teach friends and family how to find the creative side in each of them.

Throughout high school and college, Allie continued making jewelry and refining her skills. While attending Dickinson college in the early 2000's, she met International Business major Nathan Buchman. When dating, Allie and Nathan visited dozens of different bead stores to purchase supplies. After graduation, Nathan saw opportunities to use his business education & experience to re-shape the beading industry. Combined with Allie's customer service & teaching background, the couple opened their first store (Hagerstown, MD) in 2005.

Over the next 5 years, the Buchmans opened a dozen different locations in the United States & Europe, helping to redefine bead stores with top quality, prices, selection, & size. Both Allie's parents (Bill & Sue) and Nathan's parents (Diana & Randy) also opened locations. In more recent years, Potomac Bead Company has scaled back the number of retail locations in favor of developing a website to ship around the world, growing a top YouTube channel to teach beading, and to begin manufacturing unique products in a variety of locations around the globe.

Today, Allie, Nathan, and their young family spend their time helping YOU to be more creative! With hundreds of tutorials, and tens of thousands of products, you can grow your jewelry-making skills and make fabulous jewelry. Impress everyone with your designs made with the greatest selection of unique products as you learn to tap into your "designer side."

Beyond free coaching and expertise, you can get
supplies shipped FREE to nearly every country on earth. In the United States & Canada you receive free shipping on most orders of $75 or more, and flat rate shipping
of $3.99 (USA) or $5.99 (Canada) on smaller orders. International shipping to Europe, Asia, South America, & Australia is just $11.99, and free on most orders of $150 or more.

Are you a retail store owner? Potomac Bead Company provides several
wholesale options for bead stores and large volume designers. offers amazing jewelry-making products.
Want to shop in person? Find Potomac Bead Company retail stores. Every store provides an extensive selection of gemstones, seed beads, Czech glass, & more, with one of the largest selection high quality products and bead weaving beads & supplies on earth.


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