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Open Position: Web Order Operations Manager

1) Applicant should put "Web Order Operations Manager - Application" in the email subject line.
2) Applicant should put their name, address, email, & phone number on the first 5 lines of the email.
3) Applicant should attach resume (cover letter optional) to the email.

Position Purpose Statement:
The purpose of the Web Order Operations Manager (WOOM) is to oversee the daily processing of all web orders and uphold a standard of efficiency and accuracy through defined processing goals. The WOOM will be responsible for the daily operations of order processing including printing, picking, packing, shipping, processing payment or refunds as necessary, processing phone orders, adjusting inventory as it is affected by order processing, and completing the End of Day sheet.

The Web Order Operations Manager has authority over those employees working to print, pick, pack, and ship all online orders. Employees working in these roles will report to and receive instruction from the WOOM. The WOOM will communicate weekly with the Leadership Team about any issues or concerns that may arise concerning the processing of web orders or the employees executing the process.

The WOOM will track the performance of the web orders processing team by completing the sections of the Weekly Scorecard that pertain to the web orders processing. Weekly, quarterly, and yearly goals will be assessed and revised as necessary.

--- Daily Goals:
First batch of order done by 11am.
All orders placed by 3pm shipped by end of day
Ability to pick and ship 50+ orders daily without aid from other staff members

--- Weekly Goals:
<1 customer complaint per week (missing items, wrong item sent, etc
<1 Order reshipped do to our error
99.8%+ shipping accuracy

--- Quarterly Goals:
Asses shipping costs, and keep within quarterly shipping budget
Asses other staff members quarterly, and meet with those who report to the WOOM to improve efficiency

The Web Order Operations Manager at PotomacBeads.com will thrive when they match with PotomacBeads.com core values. We care about and place value on personality and skills more than education. PotomacBeads people are:

- Our people are hard workers. They can be efficient, multi-task, and prioritize different responsibilities throughout each day to accomplish amazing things.

Passionate - Our people are passionate about the PotomacBeads brand and the community built around it. They are deeply invested in all aspects of their job and the processes that contribute to growth. They bring endless energy and creativity.

Driven - Our people are self-motivated. They can jump into new challenges as problem solvers, can work independently, and are constantly willing to learn. They are do-ers. Everyone embraces new technology and change.

Accountable - Our people do what they say they are going to do. They are consistent, dependable, and can be relied upon. Each person strives for accuracy in every task.

Team Players - Our people all humble members of the same team, and find ways to work together to accomplish more. People like spending time with our team members because they are respectful and fun. Each member is approachable and ultimately customer-focused, because those customers drive the entire brand.

  • Applicant with warehouse or picking/packing experience is preferred
  • Applicant should have incredible attention to detail
  • Applicant should be able to lift 50+ pounds without assistance
  • Applicant should have capacity work on their feet for 8+ hours per day
  • Applicant should have the capacity to manage other people while staying focused on core goals

    To Apply --> Follow steps 1 to 3 above and send your email to info@potomacbeads.com