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Are you looking for a beautiful chain to complete a necklace or other piece of jewelry? The Potomac Bead carries an exclusive collection of high-quality Italian chain in various colors, finishes, and styles. The assorted chain styles include thin delicate options, Italian diamond cut curb chain, basic cable chain, hammered chain, and more. The colors and finishes consist of pure silver plated, natural brass, antique brass, shiny brass, and rose gold. With so many styles and colors, you are sure to find the perfect chain to complete your project. In addition, this durable chain is strong, giving you peace of mind that your jewelry will be secure and can withstand daily wear and use. Try it for yourself and get creating with this beautiful chain!

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Italian Fancy Round Chain Ant Italian Fancy Round Chain - Antique Brass 4.65mm
Price: $6.99
Only 52 Left In Stock
Italian Tiffany Chain Pure Si Italian Tiffany Chain - Pure Silver 6.4x8.8mm
Price: $19.99
Only 46 Left In Stock
Italian Rolo Chain Pure Silve Italian Rolo Chain - Pure Silver Coat 3.8mm
Price: $6.99
Only 39 Left In Stock
Italian Sm Cable Chain Antiqu Italian Sm Cable Chain - Antique Brass 1.34mm
Price: $2.49
Only 30 Left In Stock
Italian Ham Trace Chain Antique Brass 1.8mm Italian Ham Trace Chain - Antique Brass 1.8mm
Price: $2.79
Only 15 Left In Stock
Italian Fancy Cable Chain Ant Italian Fancy Cable Chain - Antique Brass 3.5x5.3mm
Price: $4.49
Only 12 Left In Stock
Italian Rolo Chain Antique Br Italian Rolo Chain - Antique Brass 3.8mm
Price: $5.99
Only 9 Left In Stock
Italian Cable Chain Natural Brass Italian Cable Chain - Natural Brass 5x7mm
Price: $3.99
Only 4 Left In Stock
Italian Figaro Chain Antique Italian Figaro Chain - Antique Brass
Price: $3.99
Only 3 Left In Stock
Italian Rolo Chain Brass Italian Rolo Chain - Brass 3.8mm
Price: $4.99
(Out of Stock)