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Made of pressed glass in the Czech Republic, Arc Tile beads are similar in shape to the Tile bead, except one side of the bead is flat, while the other features an arched or raised surface. This subtle raised feature gives the Arc Tile beads a layer of uniqueness and texture not found with the 2-Hole Tiles. Arc Tiles have two holes, come in various Czech colors and finishes, and are great in beadweaving, stringing, as spacers, and more. Check them out for yourself and see what beautiful designs you can create.

●Size: 6mm  
●Shape: Square  ●Country of Origin: Czech Republic  ●Material: Pressed Glass  ●Sold By: ~9g Tube (~35 beads/tube)

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Arc Tile Crystal Gold Luster Arc Tile 6mm- Crystal Gold Luster (Closeout)
Price: $4.99
Sale Price: $3.79
Only 17 Left In Stock
Arc Tile Crystal Valentinite Arc Tile 6mm- Crystal Valentinite (Closeout)
Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $2.29
Only 16 Left In Stock
Arc Tile White Full Chrome Arc Tile 6mm- White Full Chrome (Closeout)
Price: $3.79
Sale Price: $2.89
Only 3 Left In Stock