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Potomac Bead Company's exclusive BowTrio bead is a multi hole high quality manufactured metal bead shape.  These 3-hole curved bow/lip shaped beads can be joined in myriad ways for stringing and bead weaving jewelry designs.  The high strength zamak metal also allows for designs that would  not be possible with glass beads.  Enjoy designing with the new BowTrio!
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BowTrio - Antique Brass BowTrio - Antique Brass
Price: $2.99
Only 126 Left In Stock
BowTrio - Antique Copper BowTrio - Antique Copper
Price: $2.99
Only 120 Left In Stock
BowTrio - Antique Silver BowTrio - Antique Silver
Price: $3.99
Only 113 Left In Stock
BowTrio - Gold BowTrio - Gold
Price: $5.49
Only 134 Left In Stock
BowTrio - Gunmetal BowTrio - Gunmetal
Price: $3.99
Only 115 Left In Stock