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The Bi-Bo bead is yet another pressed glass seed bead from the Czech Republic. It features two holes and is similar in shape and style to a SuperDuo or Rulla bead. The Bi-B features a unique hourglass or bowtie shape, with indentations on either side where it’s holes are drilled and this indentation allows for nesting beads within that space. The curved sides are subtle but distinct enough to spark your creativity and inspire you with new design ideas. The Bi-Bo is available in a number of great colors and finishes and you will certainly enjoy creating with it.

●Size: 5.5mm x 2.8mm  
●Shape: Bowtie/Hourglass  ●Country of Origin: Czech Republic   ●Material: Pressed Glass  ●Sold By: ~9g Tube (~110 beads/tube)