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Find more inspiration and projects for your October 2019 Red Carpet Best Bead Box!

The red carpet: Celebrate your prowess as a jewelry designer. Be starstruck by the flash of crystals, soft silky tassels and luscious creamy pearls. Ignite your artistic side with our debut Red Carpet Subscription Box!

Post your creative designs to Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest with the hashtag #BestBeadBox and #DesigningBetterBeaders

Video Tutorials to accompany your Patterns:
Lunar Pendant Video

DiscDuo® Inspiration:
Ahoy Interchangeable Tassel Pendant Clover Bracelet Waterfall Necklace Garden Path Bracelet

Iris Halo Bracelet Paris Bracelet Amanda Earrings Crystal Lattice Bracelet


Halo Darling Bracelet
Crush Bracelet
Vinyard Pendant
New Creation Bracelet

Tubelet Inspiration:
Pandora's Box
Liquid Silver
Moon Lace
Fanfare Earrings

RounDuo Mini Inspiration: