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Find more inspiration and projects for your
February 2020 Best Bead Box!

Blushing pink and royal golds, makes your heart grow bold.
Luscious pearls and soft satin beads, put your creative mind at ease.
This box will fill your spirit with love, as loads of inspiration comes from above.
Be mine this Valentine's Day!

Post your creative designs to Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest with the hashtag #BestBeadBox and #DesigningBetterBeaders

Video Tutorial to accompany your Pattern:

Delica Bead Inspiration
Liquid Silver
Midas Earrings
Gemstones can be substituted for PC Rounds 4mm
Red Velvet Bracelet
Vintage Reserve Necklace
RounDuo Inspiration
Beading Happiness...
Cosmic Square Ring 14mm Delica Beads 11/0 Miyuki Seed Beads 15/0 Spiky Buttons RounDuo Beads
Czech Heart Beads AVA Beads Gemstone Rounds 4mm Czech Faceted Rounds 6mm Dome Beads 10x6mm
Glass Pearl Cabochons 18mm Tri Beads Pewter Key Charm Tassels Pewter Toggle
Lampwork Beads* Flower Bells 11x13mm* Czech Bicone*

*Items marked with an asterisk are Best Bead Box Exclusives