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A square shaped, pressed glass bead featuring four holes, the 4Ceed bead was developed in the Czech Republic and is a great building block in designs and patterns. The 4Ceeds can be stacked and strung together to achieve a 3-dimensional look to your jewelry. In addition, these interesting beads are similar in style to the QuadraTile and QuadraLentle beads, and can be used as a replacement to those beads in some designs. The 4Ceed is available in various metallic colors and finishes and will surely get your creative juices flowing with its unique waffle-like design. There are endless possibilities with the 4Ceed! Add some to your bead stash and let your creativity shine!

●Size: 3mm x 5mm  
●Shape: Square  ●Country of Origin: Czech Republic  ●Material: Pressed Glass  ●Sold By: ~9g Tube (~75beads/tube)