Czech glass 2-hole 18mm cabochon beads

2-Hole Cabochons 18mm

Like the smaller 2-Hole Cabochon, only larger, this 18mm bead features a flat bottom and half-round/domed top with two holes running parallel from one side to the other. Unlike it’s smaller counterparts, the holes of this bead are spaced slightly farther apart as compared to other 2-holed beads and the dual holes make this particular cabochon ideal for projects like bead embroidery as the double holes allow for more entrance points on the bead and therefore allowing for a better hold of the bead. The 18mm 2-Hole Cabochon features a fairly low profile with less curvature than other domed beads, like candy beads, and is only 5mm thick. It’s large diameter makes it the perfect bead to serve as a focal point in a piece of jewelry and it’s available in the traditional Czech colors and finishes as well as some additional, more playful finishes such as color swirls and splashes. You will certainly enjoy working with and create something beautiful with the 18mm 2-Hole Cabochon!

●Size: 18mm x 5mm  
●Shape: Round  ●Country of Origin: Czech Republic  ●Material: Pressed Glass  ●Sold By: Packs of 5