CzechMates Two Hole Bar Shape Beads

2-Hole Bar (6mm)

The 2-hole Bar bead is a Czechmate product made of Czech pressed glass featuring an oblong shape, rounded edges and flat sizes. At 6mm in size, the 2-hole Bar’s basic shape allows it to be a great building block for beading designs and it pairs extremely well with almost any other bead, especially other Czechmate products. It serves as a great connector and can even be a replacement for similar beads such as SuperDuos, Tilas, Half Tilas, Brick beads, and more. The 2-hole Bar is available in over 90 different colors and finishes, including the traditional Czech coatings, giving beaders many possibilities in color inspiration. Try out this fabulous bead and experience its versatility and why you should add it to your bead stash!

●Size: 6mm  
●Shape: Oblong  ●Country of Origin: Czech Republic  ●Material: Pressed Glass   ●Sold By: ~9g Tube (~130 beads/tube)