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Papermache Beads Polaris Beads Vintage Style Beads
Resin Beads come in a variety of shapes, colors, finishes and sizes. Each is injection molded in hand-crafted molds.

  • Papermache Beads

    Papermache beads are coated with a pearl finish and produced to be a lightweight base around which you can weave beads.

  • Polaris Beads

    Polaris Beads beads are created with injection molded resin. The soft surface and finish provides a beautiful inner glow, created just like Lunasoft cabochons.
  • Vintage Style Beads

    Vintage style resin beads are created with injection molded plexiglass. The detailed filigree detailed designs are available in a variety of colors, and coated with beautiful finishes to make centerpieces and focal pieces for any project!
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