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Each Potomac Bead Company retail store location offers a wide variety of beading and jewelry-making classes every month. Take any class (from basic to advanced) with expert staff in single 1-3 hour time periods. Make something amazing, and come have fun with our over 650 different types of artistic classes!

  • Basic Beading (Beginner) Classes

    Basic Beading 101 - Necklace &

    Basic Beading 102 - Making Earrings

    Basic Beading 103 - Watch Making

    Basic Beading 104 - Multi-Strand

    Basic Beading 105 - Macrame

    Basic Beading 106 - Bead & Pearl

    Basic Beading 107 - Floating Wire

    Basic Beading 108 - Braided Beauty

    Basic Beading 109 - Woven Stretch
  • Beadweaving Classes

    Beadweaving classes use thread and many different kinds of beads to make fabulous bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and more! Unlike "Seed Beading" classes, bead-weaving mixes products other than seed beads a flexible design palette, including gemstone beads, Czech glass, crystals, pearls, and more. Each class can be done in one sitting and in-person with our expert teachers & designers. Beadweaving is easier than it looks, and you will have a blast! Take nearly any one of these classes at one of our Potomac Bead Company stores and unleash your creativity!

    Beadweaving 250 - Diagonal Stitch

    Beadweaving 251 - Pretty Beaded

    Beadweaving 252 - Swarovski 2 Layer

    Beadweaving 253 - Flat Spiral

    Beadweaving 254 - Chevron Stitch

    Beadweaving 255 - Double Flat Spiral

    Beadweaving 257 - Marquise Bracelet

    Beadweaving 258 - Hugs & Kisses

    Beadweaving 260 - Imperial Bracelet

    Beadweaving 261 - Triangle Weave

    Beadweaving 262 - Patterned

    Beadweaving 263 - The Tila Path

    Beadweaving 264 - Blazing Bicones

    Beadweaving 265 - Dropping Tilas

    Beadweaving 269 - Floral Fusion

    Beadweaving 270 - Czech Flower

    Beadweaving 271 - Crystal Wreath

    Beadweaving 273 - Crossing Tilas

    Beadweaving 278 - Centiped Bracelet

    Beadweaving 279 - Tennis Bracelet

    Beadweaving 280 - Circular Netted

    Beadweaving 281 - Diamonds &

    Beadweaving 282 - Twisted Suns

    Beadweaving 283 - Crystal Os

    Beadweaving 284 - Zig Zag Bracelet

    Beadweaving 286 - Crystal Lace

    Beadweaving 288 - Netted Dagger

    Beadweaving 289 - Twisted River

    Beadweaving 292 - SuperDuo®Rivoli

    Beadweaving 296 - Vintage Lattice

    Beadweaving 299 - Beaded Crystal

    Beadweaving 700 - SuperDuo®Heart

    Beadweaving 701 - Easy Egyptian Cuff

    Beadweaving 703 - Tila Rose Garden

    Beadweaving 704 - Easy Elegence

    Beadweaving 705 - Peyote Pebbles

    Beadweaving 706 - Beaded Snowmen

    Beadweaving 709 - Laterum Collar

    Beadweaving 710 - Double Hugs &

    Beadweaving 711 - AccordiO Bracelet

    Beadweaving 712 - O Bead Rivoli Bezel

    Beadweaving 714 - Solarium Bracelet

    Beadweaving 717 - Diamond Roads

    Beadweaving 718 - Pyramid Ring

    Beadweaving 719 - Pyramid Bracelet

    Beadweaving 720 - Diamond Montee

    Beadweaving 722 - Cups of Roses

    Beadweaving 723 - Delta Bracelet

    Beadweaving 724 - Regal Pearl
    Bracelet (or) Necklace

    Beadweaving 726 - Rings of Diamonds

    Beadweaving 730 - Babylon Bracelet

    Beadweaving 731 - Lucky Clover

    Beadweaving 732 - Reversible Super-
    Duo®Stars Bracelet

    Beadweaving 733 - Ice Queen Bracelet

    Beadweaving 734 - Palisade Bracelet

    Beadweaving 737 - Starburst Necklace
    (or) Bracelet

    Beadweaving 738 - Continuum

    Beadweaving 740 - Pretty Little Pack-
    ages Bracelet

    Beadweaving 741 - Pretty Peaks

    Beadweaving 743 - Dewdrops &
    Diamonds Bracelet

    Beadweaving 744 - Spike Pendant,
    Bead, or Ring

    Beadweaving 746 - Triple Starburst

    Beadweaving 747 - Pyramid & Drop

    Beadweaving 748 - Ice Sickle Necklace

    Beadweaving 750 - Crystal Valley

    Beadweaving 751 - Super Snake

    Beadweaving 752 - Layers of Love

    Beadweaving 756 - Zig Zag Drop

    Beadweaving 758 - Mountain Valley

    Beadweaving 759 - Rivoli Peacock

    Beadweaving 760 - Reversible Tile

    Beadweaving 763 - jack & Jill Pendants

    Beadweaving 764 - Super Nest

    Beadweaving 765 - Full of Cups

    Beadweaving 766 - Dropping Flowers

    Beadweaving 768 - Quilted Flower

    Beadweaving 770 - Vatican View

    Beadweaving 771 - Stained Glass
    Window Bracelet

    Beadweaving 772 - San Andreas

    Beadweaving 774 - Wonderland

    Beadweaving 778 - SuperDuo®& Old
    Lace Bracelet

    Beadweaving 779 - X Box Bracelet

  • Chainmaille (Jump Ring) Classes

    Chainmaille classes use a variety of different sizes, colors, and gauges of jump rings that are linked together in different patterns. In addition to rings, these bracelets, earrings, pendants, and necklaces may also use other metals or beads in their creation. Take most of these classes in nearly any Potomac Bead Company store with expert designers and teachers. Contact your local store to request any of these classes on you store's schedule or to speak about private classes.

  • Mixed Media Classes

    Mixed media classes include a variety of artistic disciplines, including glass fusing, precious metal clay, polymer clay, and metal working. These classes delve into several different areas beyond beading with expert teachers in each discipline. Talk to your local Potomac Bead Company store to discuss delving into any of these classes!

  • Project Classes

    Project classes refer to a wide variety of jewelry-making & craft classes that do not easily fit under any of the other class categories (Basic, Beadweaving, Chainmaille, Mixed Media, Seed Beading, & Wire Working). There are still dozens of fun, easy, and quick projects taught by expert instructors and designers. Contact your local store about taking any of these one time courses in person and having fun!

  • Seed Beading Classes

    Seed beading classes are just like beadweaving classes, only they use nothing but seed beads in the projects. Of course, there are dozens of different styles and sizes of seed beads from which you can pick, including Miyuki seed beads (6/0,8/0,11/0,15/0), Delicas, Tilas, Drops, Cubes, Magatamas, Twins, SuperDuo®, Tiles, Rullas, O Beads, Tri-Beads, and more! Use basic stitches or combinations of stitches to create a wide variety of beaded bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and dozens of other craft projects. Take nearly any one of these classes at one of our locations with expert teachers and designers. Contact the location nearest you to get schedules or to request specific classes.

  • Wire Working Classes

    Wire working classes teach you how to make gorgeous projects using just your choice of various metal wires (Silver, Gold, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Plated etc.). Using just wire and often your choice of beads, you can make stunning bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, and more. Talk with your local Potomac Bead Company store about taking any of these fun and creative classes with our expert staff.