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Each Potomac Bead Company retail store location offers a wide variety of beading and jewelry-making classes every month. Take any class (from basic to advanced) with expert staff in single 1-3 hour time periods. Make something amazing, and come have fun with our over 400 different types of artistic classes!

~ Class Schedules ~
(Alexandria, VA) - January 2015
(Alexandria, VA) - February 2015
(Mechanicsburg, PA) - January 2015
(Mechanicsburg, PA) - February 2015
(Chambersburg, PA) - January 2015
(Chambersburg, PA) - February 2015
(Medina, OH) - January 2015
(Fort Myers, FL) - January 2015
(Fort Myers, FL) - February 2015
(Ocean City, NJ) - January 2015
(Hagerstown, MD) - January 2015
(Hagerstown, MD) - February 2015
(Winchester, VA) - January 2015
(Winchester, VA) - February 2015

Basic Beading (Beginner) Classes
Interested in jewelry-making? Starting with one of our beginner basic beading classes taught by our expert staff is a great place to start! Each of our bead store locations can get you started with all of the tools, beads, and supplies to make your own gorgeous jewelry wherever you are! Sign up for dozens of different classes each month at any of our stores.

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Beadweaving Classes
Beadweaving classes use thread and many different kinds of beads to make fabulous bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and more! Unlike "Seed Beading" classes, bead-weaving mixes products other than seed beads a flexible design palette, including gemstones, Czech glass, crystals, pearls, and more. Each class can be done in one sitting and in-person with our expert teachers & designers. Beadweaving is easier than it looks, and you will have a blast! Take nearly any one of these classes at one of our Potomac Bead Company stores and unleash your creativity!

Chainmaille (Jump Ring) Classes
Chainmaille classes use a variety of different sizes, colors, and gauges of jump rings that are linked together in different patterns. In addition to rings, these bracelets, earrings, pendants, and necklaces may also use other metals or beads in their creation. Take most of these classes in nearly any Potomac Bead Company store with expert designers and teachers. Contact your local store to request any of these classes on you store's schedule or to speak about private classes.

Mixed Media Classes
Mixed media classes include a variety of artistic disciplines, including glass fusing, precious metal clay, polymer clay, and metal working. These classes delve into several different areas beyond beading with expert teachers in each discipline. Talk to your local Potomac Bead Company store to discuss delving into any of these classes!

Project Classes
Project classes refer to a wide variety of jewelry-making & craft classes that do not easily fit under any of the other class categories (Basic, Beadweaving, Chainmaille, Mixed Media, Seed Beading, & Wire Working). There are still dozens of fun, easy, and quick projects taught by expert instructors and designers. Contact your local store about taking any of these one time courses in person and having fun!

Seed Beading Classes
Seed beading classes are just like beadweaving classes, only they use nothing but seed beads in the projects. Of course, there are dozens of different styles and sizes of seed beads from which you can pick, including Miyuki seed beads (6/0,8/0,11/0,15/0), Delicas, Tilas, Drops, Cubes, Magatamas, Twins, SuperDuos, Tiles, Rullas, O Beads, Tri-Beads, and more! Use basic stitches or combinations of stitches to create a wide variety of beaded bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and dozens of other craft projects. Take nearly any one of these classes at one of our locations with expert teachers and designers. Contact the location nearest you to get schedules or to request specific classes.

Wire Working Classes
Wire working classes teach you how to make gorgeous projects using just your choice of various metal wires (Silver, Gold, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Plated etc.). Using just wire and often your choice of beads, you can make stunning bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, and more. Talk with your local Potomac Bead Company store about taking any of these fun and creative classes with our expert staff.